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How to Link to Library Sources

Instructions for Common Platforms

EBSCOhost Linking

How to link to Academic Search Complete, CINAHL, and other EBSCOhost databases.

Gale Linking

How to link to Academic OneFile, Business Insights: Global, and other Gale databases.

ProQuest Linking

How to link to ProQuest News & Newspapers, Medical Database, and other ProQuest databases.

Infobase History Linking

How to link to Ancient & Medieval History and other Infobase history databases.

Off-Campus Link Generator

For links to articles, e-books, and videos from the Library's databases to work off campus, they need to include in the link address. Use the link generator below to add this to your library links, so you, your classmates, and your instructor can access your sources from off campus.

To start, paste in a stable link to a source from a library database below. Not sure if the link you are starting with is "stable"? Stable links are also sometimes called Permalinks, Document URLs, Bookmark URLs, or Stable URLs.

Warning: Some URLs must be edited before going through the generator. If the beginning of your URL includes hyphens where periods would normally be, replace the hyphens with periods before using the link generator. For example, change library-artstor-org to, doi-org to, and www-oxfordmusiconline-com to

Remember to test your new link!

(When using your link off campus, you will first be prompted to login with your StarID and password.)

Linking in D2L Brightspace

Below are several copyright-compliant ways to add library-provided content in D2L Brightspace. Uploading content directly into D2L (e.g., copy and paste, PDF files) may be a violation of database license agreements or copyright.

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