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Linking to Sources in Project MUSE

Follow the directions below to get links to articles from Project MUSE that will work later.

  1. On the search results page, choose an article (or book) that you have access to. Items you can access have a green circle check mark icon. Click the title, View link, or Download link of your chosen article (or book).
  2. Copy the URL from your browser address bar.
  3. Paste the URL into the Off-Campus Link Generator and edit it. Replace the first two dashes with periods, so that
  4. After you have replaced the dashes, click Create Link.
  5. You will get a pop-up message that says, "That is a translated proxy URL and needs to be fixed. Click OK and we will fix it for you." Click OK.
  6. Copy the new link that appears in the bottom box. Use this address to return to this page in the future.
  7. Test your link! Paste the address into a different browser app (like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) to make sure it works. You will be prompted to log in again in the new browser window.

If you plan to post this link in D2L Brightspace, read about linking to library sources in D2L first.

An example of a Project MUSE link:

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