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Student Leaders

Leadership Opportunities

Build Your Leadership Skills at Normandale

Looking to grow as a leader? In addition to taking on leadership roles in clubs, organizations and the like, you can grow your skills through two leadership opportunities at Normandale: Pillars of Leadership and LEAD programs.

Normandale Pillars of Leadership Program

The Normandale Pillars of Leadership Program is a 10-week, cohort-based program where you can learn different leadership strategies, theories, and strengths as well as how to effectively communicate and be an inclusive leader.

During this leadership seminar, you’ll learn alongside 20 of your fellow Normandale students. The Pillars of Leadership Program, provided at no cost to you, runs each semester and is available both on campus and online.

When you complete the program, you’ll receive a letter of recognition from Normandale President Dr. Joyce Ester.

For more information on this unique and transformative program, please email us.

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I’ve gotten a lot of confidence and leadership skills through the different opportunities here. Normandale gave me the right resources to build myself up. I used to feel like I was a follower, and now I’m a leader, and that’s what I’ve always wanted to be.”

Insia Kizilbash, Class of ’22, PTK President

Normandale LEAD Program

The LEAD Program at Normandale is a comprehensive, experiential learning program that provides you and your group with teambuilding and leadership challenges. It focuses on:

  • leadership (L),
  • excellence (E),
  • action (A), and
  • development (D).

The program consists of various team challenge initiatives, rooted in the experiential learning process, in which you and your group are presented with problem-solving situations and are challenged in a supportive environment. After each activity, the facilitator will discuss with your group what you learned and how you can apply it to your group and your lives.

The program is designed specifically for each unique group and is an engaging way to strengthen your club or team.

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