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Phi Theta Kappa, a student organization.

Student Clubs and Organizations

At Normandale, we know learning happens both inside and outside the classroom. Student organizations and clubs help make our campus a diverse and welcoming place.

Participating is a great way to have fun and meet other people, but there are other benefits, too. Students who take part in campus activities are more likely to complete their degree and find a job!

6 Reasons to Get Involved on Campus

  1. Get better grades: Studies show that students involved on campus perform better academically. Who doesn't want that grade boost?
  2. Meet new friends: Making connections on campus can lead to friendships and even future career opportunities. You never know when you might meet your new best friend or future hiring manager.
  3. Build leadership skills: Now's your chance to hone your leadership style. Identify your strengths and weaknesses before entering the working world.
  4. Pursue your passion (or find a new one): From rockets to Shakespeare, we've got clubs for a variety of interests. Trying new things could open new doors.
  5. Build your resume: Time management. Teamwork. Empathy. Public speaking. Develop those soft skills that businesses love to see on your resume.
  6. Up your happiness: Who knew participating in fun activities could reduce stress? Students involved in activities report a higher satisfaction level with their college experience.


How Do I Join a Club or Organization?

The Difference Between Organizations and Clubs

Student organizations provide services and benefits to the entire student body. Your organization can get office space and receive funding, and Student Life staff oversee your operations.

Clubs are student groups that exist to explore common interests. Clubs hold meetings, programming, and other activities for members. The numbers and types of clubs change every year along with student interest levels.

Check out these resources and tools to help enhance your group's presence and operate successfully.

See Resources

Student Organizations

Event Planning

A successful event requires planning in advance.

Kopp Student Center

The KSC is so much more than a building! It's the hub of community life at Normandale and the home to our student services and programs.

Don't See a Club That Interests You? Start One!

All you need to do is get six interested people together and ask each to fill out the Club Application Form. If you'd like to join any of our clubs, fill out the form as well.

Start or Join a Club

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