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Workforce Development and Employee Learning Solutions

Normandale CECT (Continuing Education and Customized Training) offers public professional development courses, career certifications, and corporate employee training and workforce development programs. Our programs target skills that are highly relevant to today’s workforce using established science and best practices.

Our network of resources including a dedicated team of staff, instructors, subject experts, community partners and agencies skillfully design and deliver approachable, high-quality learning and development programs to help you meet your unique goals.

Professional Development

Improve your professional skills in computers/IT, leadership, marketing and sales, data analytics, health care, integrative medicine, finance, accounting, and more.

Career Pathways and Certifications

Take your career in a whole new direction or get certified in the skills you've built on the job.

Employee Learning Solutions

Build training solutions that increase productivity, teamwork and morale, and goal and strategy success.

Enrichment and Wellness Programs

Invest in yourself with personal development and integrative health, movement, and body work practices.

Workforce Development Resources

As a career navigation professional, prepare your clients for great careers with these useful resources.

News, Events, and Resources

Discover what's new at CECT, upcoming conferences, new coursework, and useful research and expert articles, podcasts and other free resources.


Continuing Education and Customized Training (CECT)

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