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Students and faculty on a Travel and Learn trip to NYC
Travel and Learn
Learn Beyond the Classroom Borders


As one of the top two-year academic travel programs in the state, Normandale students have the opportunity to earn academic credits while participating in adventure beyond the classroom, learning new cultures, and experiencing personal growth.

Among other things, students who have completed an academic travel program:

  • Are better prepared to participate in diverse and global communities
  • Have developed cultural competency and communication skills
  • Are more adaptable to new situations
  • Grow in self-awareness and confidence
  • Show curiosity and empathy
  • Develop leadership and problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrate critical and creative thinking
  • Are better able to understand the complexity of global issues

Academic Travel Programs

Students at Normandale can participate in two types of travel programs:

  • Travel Courses: Taught by Normandale faculty and include a group faculty-led travel experience as part of the course learning. The travel may be domestic or international. Travel course offerings and locations vary year to year.
  • Semester Study Abroad: Involve taking all courses in a semester through a university partner at an international location.

Check out the all the travel opportunities offered through Normandale!

Travel Courses - Spring 2024

Tour Dates: Spring Break March 2-9, 2024

Street scene in CubaTake your learning abroad by joining this Spring 2024 travel course that includes a week-long educational tour to Cuba! 

This online section of Intercultural Communication will develop global competency and communication skills with a blend of traditional classroom learning and real-world experience in a country few have had the chance to visit. 

Contrasting Cuba’s capital of Havana with its rural western countryside, we’ll gain insight on Cuba’s unique history and culture and the importance of the African cultural influence on modern Cuban society. Some of the highlights of our visit include a national park, organic farm, art museums, historic sites, beaches, AfroCuban music and dance performances, and participating in a community project.

Space is limited.  Enroll now to reserve your spot.

This course satisfies Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goals 7 and 8.

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