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Internship experiences offer career exploration and training in a supervised work setting that combines theory with field experience.

Although they aren't required, Normandale highly encourages students to take on these real-world experiences. Internships provide many benefits during and after college that include:

  • Hands on experience 
  • Networking and meaningful connections
  • Career exploration
  • Resume boost

Getting Started

Students have the opportunity to complete an internships for and not for credit. Learn more about how to register, how you can receive credits and resources to help you land an internship.

Steps To Register

Review our step-by-step instruction on how you can register your internship for credit. 

Getting Credit

Students can earn 2-4 internship credits per semester with a maximum of 8 credits while attending Normandale.

Internship Resources

Explore our helpful resources and links to help you on your internship search.

Smiling student

"Normandale’s Internship Program has provided me with the ability to get hands-on real work experiences in Information Technology. I recommend all students participate in an internship. You never know what you might learn from being in the field."

Aaron Backlund

Ready To Find an Internship?

Students interested in completing an internship for credit at Normandale should start looking at least a semester in advance.


Search For an Internship

Faculty Information

Learn about the internship process and responsibilities of Faculty.

Information For Businesses

Businesses interested in partnering with Normandale can find more information on expectations and how to advertise internship opportunities.

Internship Events

Get details about internship related events throughout the semester to prepare you for future internships or jobs.


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