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Join Handshake and share job and internship postings to Normandale Community College students. Promote virtual hiring events on the platform hosted by your company while being able to connect with students directly using the Handshake messaging center.

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What is expected of companies hosting Normandale internship students:

  • Provide a position description that clearly outlines tasks, goals, timeline and hours necessary for success in the position.  The position description should also outline details like the rate of pay, number of hours per week and duration of the position.
  • Agree to provide at least one complete academic semester (12-15 weeks) of career-related experience to the student. Student learning is a priority in an internship as well as businesses getting support to meet their goals.
  • Complete Normandale's Internship Site Agreement, and fill out the Student Learning Agreement with the student, once a student starts their internship. Our office will send this out. 
  • Provide ongoing supervision and training to ensure the student obtains the necessary tools to be successful.
  • Provide feedback and communicate progress and areas for improvement throughout the term.
  • Provide an evaluation of the student at the end of the term. Failure to complete the evaluation will negatively impact the student's grade for the internship course.
  • Be aware of employment laws regarding unpaid internships- students in unpaid internships cannot be in a position that is otherwise paid in the company and cannot displace a paid employee. For a resource, please click here.


Contact or at 952.358.8119


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