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Computers and Library Research Lab

To support learning and research, the Library offers student/public computer stations, two printer/copiers, a Library Research Lab, and a laptop checkout program for students. Or you can connect to campus WiFi with your own laptop, and power outlets are available in most areas of the Library.

We Are Here to Help

If you are using a computer on the main floor of the Library or in the Library Research Lab, you can ask for help at the Reference Desk or the Circulation Desk. We can help with basic computer software and hardware questions, printer problems, etc. If the problem is beyond our expertise, we may refer you to the ITS help desk.

Public Computers

Computers in the Library’s Reference Room are available to use any time the Library is open. Priority use is for students doing library research and other academic work. Current Normandale students, employees, and university partnership students login using StarID (solve StarID problems). Guests can get temporary guest account login information at the Circulation Desk or Reference Desk. See our Expectations for Computer and Lab Use below.

Current students and employees can print using the SecurePrint instructions. Currently, guests are not able to use Normandale printer/copiers. All Library computers are Windows PCs with Microsoft Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) and web browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.).

Library Research Lab

The Library Research Lab classroom is located on the mezzanine level of the Library in L3711. This room is primarily a classroom for library research instruction. There are 26 student computers. When no classes are scheduled, the room is an open computer lab, and you may use the computers. We post a weekly schedule of class times and open lab times at the Circulation Desk, the Reference Desk, and outside the Lab entrances. See our Expectations for Computer and Lab Use below.

Instructors who wish to reserve the Library Research Lab for classes can email librarian David Vrieze Daniels.

Library Laptop Program

We have 10 laptops for current students to use in the group study rooms or elsewhere in the Library. Find out more about the Library Laptop program.

Expectations for Public Computer and Lab Use

Like other areas of the Library, the Library’s Public Use Policy applies as does the College’s Acceptable Use Policy for computer use. Food and uncovered drinks are not allowed near any Normandale computer.

Library computer areas are primarily for academic research purposes. Computer use for course work takes priority over recreational computer use. If you are using the computer for recreational activities during peak times, you may be asked to give up your computer.

Quiet conversations are allowed in the public computer and Library Research Lab areas. Be mindful of the quiet study needs of others. Wear headphones to listen to music or watch videos. Single-use headphones are available by request at the Circulation Desk. We understand that not all work can be done quietly! If you are collaborating with a group on an assignment, we recommend borrowing a library laptop and a study room.

Printing Options for Students

If you are using a public computer on the main floor of the Library, prints are sent to SecurePrint by default. You can release your prints at any campus printer. The closest location to release your prints is at the two printer/copiers across from the Circulation Desk near the Library entrance. (Guests are not currently able to use campus printer/copiers.)

If you are using the Library Research Lab with your instructor during class time, printing is sent, by default, to the L3711 printer in the Lab. If you are using a computer in the Library Research Lab during open lab time, the printer in the room may not be available. When the Lab printer is not available, select SecurePrint as your printer destination and then release your prints at the printer/copiers across from the Circulation Desk.

Need to print from your personal laptop, phone, or tablet? See the mobile printing section of the SecurePrint instructions.

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