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Study Rooms and Spaces

There are many places in the Library to study alone or in a group.

Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms are a place for you to study collaboratively with your classmates. They are located on the main level and upper level of the Library. You can reserve a room ahead of time or use a room without a reservation if one is available.

How to Check Out a Group Study Room

Go to the Circulation Desk to see if a room is available or to claim your reserved room. Use your Normandale ID to check out the room.

How to Reserve a Study Room

You can make a reservation online, in person at the Circulation Desk, or by calling the Circulation Desk at 952-358-8290. Reservations are limited to 2 hours per day. Reservations can be made up to 2 weeks in advance.

Group Study Room Policies

Groups have priority. Study groups of two or more people have priority use of the rooms. If you are studying by yourself, we may ask you to leave a room at any time so a group can use it.

Rooms have time limits. Rooms may be used for a maximum of two hours a day per group. If you need more time, check at the Circulation Desk to see if you can stay longer. But be prepared to leave the room immediately at any point after your initial two hours.

Be on time for reservations. We will only hold your reservation 15 minutes past the scheduled start time.

Rooms are not soundproof. Please be mindful of your noise level.

You are responsible for the room, equipment, and your belongings. The student checking out the room is responsible for any damage including damage to Normandale equipment (monitors, cables, Library laptops, etc.). Deliberate vandalism or abuse will result in loss of library privileges and referral to the Dean of Students. Rooms have monitors for laptop connection through VGA and HDMI cables. Normandale is not responsible for any damage to personal devices from using the provided equipment. If a room is already damaged or the equipment is inoperable when you arrive, notify the Circulation Desk immediately. Normandale is not responsible for the loss or theft of your personal property. Do not leave your belongings in the room unattended.

Rooms are for studying. Rooms cannot be used for committee meetings, testing, classes, lectures or seminars. Only currently enrolled Normandale students may use the rooms and students currently enrolled in university programs on the Normandale campus. We do not give permanent room assignments to any group.

Other Places to Study in the Library

Main Room

Also called the Reference Room, L2734 is the main room of the Library. It contains the Reference Desk, 22 student computers for course-related research, individual study carrels and group tables. See our Expectations for Computer and Lab Use.

East Room

The East Room, L2730, contains most of the book collection. It is the Quiet Study Area in the Library. Conversations are not permitted. There are individual study carrels and comfy chairs located throughout the room.

North Room

The North Room, L2722, contains the current issue of magazines and newspapers. There are tables for group study, individual study carrels, AV viewing/listening stations, and comfy chairs. Quiet conversations are allowed. The main floor group study rooms are also in the North Room.

Library Research Lab

The Library Research Lab classroom is located on the mezzanine level of the Library in L3711. This room is primarily a classroom for library research instruction. There are 26 student computers. When no classes are scheduled, the room is an open computer lab, and you may use the computers. We post a weekly schedule of class times and open lab times at the Circulation Desk, the Reference Desk, and outside the Lab entrances. See our Expectations for Computer and Lab Use.

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