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Library Laptop Program

We have 10 laptop computers current students can use in the Library. To borrow a laptop, come to the Circulation Desk (at the Library entrance) with your Normandale student ID card.

We expect laptop users to have basic computer skills. If you are not comfortable using standard hardware and software, we recommend you use the computers in the campus Computer Center where computer help is available. The Computer Center is in C2190 on the 2nd floor of the College Services building.

Laptop Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

Who can borrow a laptop?

Current Normandale students with a Normandale ID card can borrow a laptop. Limited to one laptop per person.

How long can I borrow a laptop for?

You can check out a laptop from anytime the Library is open until 1 hour before the Library closes. You must return the laptop at least 1 hour before the Library closes on the same day you borrow it.

Can I reserve a laptop in advance?

No, Laptops cannot be reserved. All laptops are checked out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where can I use a laptop?

You may use a Library laptop anywhere within the Library including Group Study Rooms. Laptops may not leave the Library.

What happens when I check out a laptop?

First, present your valid Normandale ID card at the Library Circulation Desk as ask for a laptop.

Second, read and sign the Laptop Computer Loan Agreement each time you check out a laptop.

What equipment is included with each laptop?

  • Laptop with battery and Wi-Fi capability
  • Power cord
  • Mouse
  • Carrying case

Earbuds are available by request at the Circulation Desk.

What are my responsibilities while I have a laptop?

Do not leave the laptop unattended. You are solely responsible for the laptop while it is checked out to you.

You may not install personal software, change system settings, download plug-ins, or attach unauthorized hardware to the laptop.

You are responsible for following the Normandale Community College Acceptable Use Policy and other applicable Normandale policies. Violation of these policies may result in the loss of laptop privileges.

You are responsible for the full replacement cost of the laptop and any laptop parts that are damaged or lost while it is checked out to you.

What happens when I am done with a laptop?

When you are done using the laptop, return it to the Circulation Desk in person.

Circulation staff will check in the laptop and make sure that the laptop is running properly and that all parts are returned. To speed up this process, please keep the laptop turned on. You must be present during the check-in process.

What features and software does the laptop have?

  • Built-in web camera and microphone
  • Video port for connecting to a monitor or projector (use the video cable attached to the study room monitor)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
  • Web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Laptops do not have specialty software (e.g., software for programming, statistics, graphic design, etc.).

How do I save my work?

You can save your work to your network space, your OneDrive account, or to your own USB flash drive.

Make sure to save your work to one of these locations before you log out of the laptop! Files cannot be permanently saved on the laptop. Any project saved to the laptop will be lost once you log off.

Can I print from the laptop?

Yes. You can print from the laptop the same as from any other campus computer. Release your prints at the printer/copiers by the Circulation Desk. If you need help with printing, ask someone at the Circulation Desk or Reference Desk.

What if I need help?

If you have a problem with the laptop, bring the laptop to the Circulation Desk right away. If available, you can check out another laptop.

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