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Warning, Suspension and Probation

Normandale Advisors can help with academic support

There are many reasons that a student may fall below academic standards. It doesn’t mean you don’t belong in college, and it doesn’t mean you won’t graduate. But, it’s a moment to reflect on what is working, and what isn’t, and get a support network in place. We can help. 

Academic warning

A student who falls below a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and/or below a 66.66% completion rate for college-level credits, is placed on academic warning. Students can continue to register and receive financial aid if they are eligible.  

 A student who is on warning will be re-assessed after their warning semester, and if they are still below GPA and/or completion standards, will be placed on suspension.  

When a student is placed on warning, it’s important to get support in place to be successful the following semester. There are people here to help. 

Watch this video to learn more about warning.

Academic suspension 

If a student is on suspension, they are not able to enroll in courses or receive financial aid.  

A student can be placed on suspension in two different situations:  

  • If they were unable to return to good standing the semester after being placed on warning.  This means they were not able to meet both a 2.0 cumulative GPA and 66.66% or higher credit completion rate.   
  • If they were not able to meet the teams of academic probation, after appealing a previous suspension. 

Any student has a right to appeal a suspension – and we encourage students who have had extenuating circumstances to do so. Students who would like support with the appeal process should connect with their academic advisor. We are here to help.  

The Appeal Process

Academic suspension expires after one year; financial aid suspension stays active and must be appealed.  

If you have been placed on suspension and would like to explain your situation and ask to return early, please complete this appeal. This worksheet can help you think through your appeal, and you are encouraged to talk with your academic advisor to review your plans and get support in place.  

Academic Probation

A student who has successfully appealed suspension will be placed on probation and may register for courses and receive financial aid, if eligible.  

Students on probation must earn a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher each semester and complete 100% of their classes until they are back in good standing (2.0 or better cumulative GPA and 66.66% or better completion).  

This means students on probation can’t fail or withdraw from a class, and should be earning mostly As and Bs courses in order to reach the minimum requirements. So, it’s important for students to be realistic when making academic plans – taking on only as much as they can manage, working with their advisor, and getting a support system in place.  

Watch this video to learn more about probation.

Support Resources 

You don’t need to do this alone. Normandale is filled with people who are here to help you. Here’s a few: 

  • Your Instructors: Your instructors want you to do well. If you have questions, reach out. Each instructor has office hours to help students. Check your syllabus for how to best connect!  
  • Your academic advisor: Your advisor can help you put together an academic plan that will set you up for success, identify possible barriers, and get you connected to resources.  
  • Tutoring Center: Students can receive tutoring in a variety of subjects, including math, writing, and English as second language. They also provide study skills support.  
  • Counseling & Mental Health Support: Students can receive support to work on a variety of concerns such as test anxiety, motivation issues, personal problems, stress management and mental health concerns like ADHD, depression, and PTSD. 
  • Office for Students with Disabilities: Students with documented physical, learning, or psychological disabilities may qualify for accommodations.  
  • Students Services: Student Services coaches can help students navigate issues related to registration holds, financial aid, billing, and records.   
  • Campus Cupboard provides students with free food and hygiene products, and the Student Resource Center connects students to community resources.  
  • Emergency Grants for eligible enrolled students experiencing financial hardship.
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Academic Advising

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