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Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Afraid you’ll fail or get a bad grade in a tough class? Or do you want to boost your understanding of a course you enjoy? The PASS program may be just what you’re looking for! You will review assignments and key concepts and prepare for tests with other students in the course.

Peer-assisted learning is a tried-and-true strategy and fun. Help is always available for PASS students.


  • A PASS leader introduces the program in the first week of your class, directs you to a sign-up form, and then follows up with a schedule of two 50-minute sessions per week that start in the second week. We recommend at least one session per week. PASS leaders are students who know the course material inside and out and serve as role models for how to be successful in a course.
  • When you arrive at your first session, you’ll meet other students and get started studying together with the initial guidance of the PASS leader. You’ll be amazed how quickly everyone jumps in to help each other.
  • You may work one on one with the PASS leader and if you have a D, F or W rating in a course, you definitely will be tutored by the leader.
  • You can choose to miss sessions, but the more regular your attendance is, the greater your chances are for earning a higher grade.



We target difficult 1000 and 2000-level courses like biology, chemistry, logic, math, psychology, reading and writing. Find out which of your classes has a PASS leader.  



Questions about PASS?

Email Corbin Condon, PASS coordinator or call 952-358-8131. He can point you to other tutoring options at Normandale, too.

Become a PASS Leader!

Interested in joining out team as a PASS leader?

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