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SAP Warning

A Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) warning is an academic status that indicates you are not meeting the minimum standards of progress toward your degree. You will have one warning semester to meet the criteria or you risk suspension and potentially lose eligibility for future financial aid. Watch this video to learn more about warning. 

Many students have successfully moved out of the warning process. Our student success stories show that working with Normandale's resources will help your academic growth and success.

We believe you can do this and are here to help you succeed!

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GPA Calculator

We recommend you use the GPA calculator to estimate your GPA and completion rate during your warning term.

SAP Warning FAQs

Additional Resources

Credit Completion Example

If you registered for 10 credits at the beginning of the semester, but then withdrew from 4 credit course, this would not meet the minimum of 66.66%. It would be 60% or 6 credits out of 10 registered.

The following grades are not considered complete - F, FW, NW, FN, NA, NC, I and W.

If you are not meeting one of these items or both of these items, you will be placed on warning.


Here are some additional resources at Normandale you should consider for help in bringing your grades and credit completions up:


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