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Maximum Timeframe is a requirement of the Department of Education, and must be monitored for ALL financial aid recipients. Even though it is called Maximum Time, it is really a measure of the number of CREDITS you have attempted, including transfer credits. The goal is to make sure students are using their financial aid effectively and progressing toward degree completion. It is NOT an academic suspension, you are still able to register and attend classes.

How is Maximum TimeFrame Calculated? 

  • You have exceeded the maximum timeframe when you have taken at least 150% of the credits required to complete your degree at Normandale. For example, 150% of a 60 credit AA degree is 90 credits or more. It will be less if you are in a certificate program. Your attempted credits are counted whether or not you were using financial aid when you took the courses.

Will I still qualify for financial aid when I am over the Maximum TimeFrame?

First you must complete the appeal process and be approved.


Maximum Time Frame Appeal

Then you will need to be intentional in selecting your courses. You will be given a degree plan based on your Degree Audit Report (DARS), which will outline the specific courses required to complete your Normandale degree program. ONLY those courses will be eligible for financial aid. If you plan to transfer and are taking courses to meet another institution's admission requirements, those courses would NOT be eligible under Maximum Timeframe. If you plan to use student loans, you must have at least 6 aid-eligible (on your degree plan) credits in order to qualify for loans.

What if I have more than one degree that I am working on at Normandale?

  • Submit an appeal and include the DARS for each degree program you intend to complete at Normandale.
  • Check your e-services to make sure that your intended degree matches what is on record with Normandale. 
  • If you need to add/delete/change your intention, complete an Educational Plans Form with the Records Office.
  • If you have questions about your degree plan, visit an Academic Advisor or Counselor.

What should I include in my appeal?

  • An explanation of why you have not received your intended degree in less than 150% of the credits required.
  • The date you intend to complete your degree.
  • A DARS for each degree program you intend to complete at Normandale. 

Note: The Minnesota Transfer curriculum is NOT a degree program


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