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Past Due Accounts and Collections

Past Due Accounts

It is extremely important to note drop dates and payment due dates. Payment options are available and Student Services is here to help you select the option that works best for you. If your payment is not received and your account moves into past due status, you will incur a one-time $25 late fee. If your payment is past due and you receive past due notices contact Students Services to see if you qualify for the Nelnet Past Due Payment plan. If you do not take action your past due account may be turned over to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, or to a private collection agency, which may involve extra fees and impact your credit score. Do not let that occur, contact Student Services today.

Collections statement

Accounts that are not paid in full may be referred to the Minnesota Department of Revenue's Collection Division, or to a private collection agency. By law (MN Statute 16D.07), the Department of Revenue can assess up to a 25 percent fee to cover the costs of collecting your debt. You may request cancellation of the collection cost as provided by MN Statute section 16D.11, subdivision 3. Interest may be charged pursuant to MN Statute 16D.13.

By law, the MN Department of Revenue can also take the following actions to collect your debt:

  • Obtain a judgment against you
  • File a lien against you
  • Garnish your wages
  • Levy your bank account
  • Issue subpoenas
  • Seize your property
  • Offset your: Federal or State tax refund, lottery winnings, Federal or State vendor payments
  • Revoke or deny renewal of a professional license you may have
  • Report you to a credit bureau
  • Refer your debt to a private collection agency
  • Access nonpublic government data about you to collect this debt

By making a prompt, full payment to Normandale Community College, you can avoid having the debt turned over to the Mn Department of Revenue and having the collection cost assessed. You have the right to contest the validity of Normandale Community College’s claim. To contest the validity of Normandale Community College's claim, you must submit a written request to the address below within 20 days of the date of the final notice.

Debts that are referred to a private collection agency can have collection costs up to 40% imposed.


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