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America Reads and Counts is a program where Normandale students tutor Bloomington Public School students in subjects such as math and reading.  There are options to tutor during the day in a classroom, after school at elementary buildings, or early evening at Bloomington public libraries. Volunteering is in-person. If you are interested, review the information below and submit our online interest form.

Tutor Options and Schedule

Homework Connection Evening Homework Help

  • Assist individual or small groups of students in grades K-12 with reading, math and other homework assignments.
  • Volunteers commit to meeting weekly for 2 hours from Nov. Dec. and/or Nov.-April.  
  • Penn Lake Library in Bloomington: Mon. 4:30-6:30 pm.  
  • Oxboro Library in Bloomington: Tues. & Wed. 4:30-6:30 pm. 

Homework Connection After School Homework Help

  • Assist individual or small groups of 3-5th graders with their homework after school at a Bloomington Elementary school
  • Schedule options:  Mon. & Wed. or Tues. & Thurs. 3:20-4:15 pm. (1-2 hours per week November-April)

In-Classroom Help

  • Tutoring for K-12 math, reading, and classroom support.  
  • During the school day. Schedule and grade-level depends on teacher requests and your preferences. Limited options available.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Act as a role model for students, demonstrating attitudes of dependability, politeness, a willingness to learn, and help make learning fun.
  • Volunteers must pass a background check if you are over 18.
  • Volunteers must follow through on a committed time schedule. If there are two or more absences (excused and not excused) the staff member has the ability to decide if they want the volunteer to continue coming in. 

Application Process 

  1. Submit our online Interest Form
  2. You will get a follow up email with the Bloomington Public School online volunteer application and background check from Emily Gagnon, Bloomington Public Schools Volunteer Experiences Coordinator,  Complete the application.  If you are over 18 agree to them doing the background check (no cost to you).  
  3. Complete a 30-minute training/orientation with Emily Gagnon.  


Contact Melinda Xiong, Experiential Education Coordinator,, or 952.358.8123


Center for Experiential Education

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