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Complaints and Grievances

Normandale takes student complaint and grievances very seriously. If you have a complaint, we encourage you to complete one of the forms below.


 Do you have a concern about student grades or classroom instruction?

 Academic grade disputes and appeals can be made by clicking HERE and specifying a "Grade Review" option as the complaint topic.



 Do you have a concern regarding service you received at one of our non-   academic offices?

 Students may report complaints regarding improper, unfair, or arbitrary treatment by  an employee of the college by clicking HERE.



 Do you have a general concern about the campus, our staff, or our facilities?

 Members of the public may report their concern by clicking HERE.


Do you have a concern about inappropriate or disrespectful sexual communication or conduct?


 Click HERE to file a Sexual Misconduct Form. Student complaints regarding discrimination or harassment are subject to Board Policy 1B.1 and System Procedure 1B.1.1, and filed with Normandale's Human Resources Office.


Are you a student who resides in another state and has a concern?

As a first step, please use the relevant links above to report your concern. If your concern cannot be resolved internally, you may file a complaint with Minnesota Department of Higher Education.

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