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The Normandale Strategic Framework consists of our top three goals and seven key strategies that support these goals. 

In Fall 2020, Normandale began the process of forming a new strategic plan by reviewing our mission, vision, and values, and announcing the three strategic goals.

In the Fall of 2021, the mission, vision, and values were restated and approved, and building off of our strategic goals and extensive initiative implementation on campus, the Normandale Strategic Framework was announced. 


  • To cultivate a welcoming college community
  • To foster every student's talents
  • To build an equitable world


  • Limitless human potential realized



We cultivate a college community where people feel a sense of belonging and connectedness. We recognize that people learn and work better when their needs are met and they feel safe. We have the courage to communicate with compassionate candor. We are a community of kindness and respect.


We nurture curious minds in our students and in our employees. We are genuinely curious about one another. Curiosity fuels our pursuit of learning and inspires us to find better ways of doing things. It drives us to ask good questions and to seek information to answer them. We are a community of curious people.


We work hard to achieve our mission and goals. We dedicate ourselves to meeting all our students where they are and helping them pursue their aspirations. We are conscientious stewards of the college's resources. We are a community that expects a lot of ourselves and takes pride and joy in our work.


Seven Key Strategies

  1. Provide holistic student support that meets students' basic, non-academic needs, allowing them to make academic progress and succeed in their Normandale journey.
  2. Sustain and continuously improve our approach to teaching and how we foster learning to support student equity, retention, and success at Normandale.
  3. Evaluate and continuously improve employee hiring and engagement practices to ensure a diverse employee body that is valued, engaged, and reflective of student body demographics.
  4. Provide ongoing, comprehensive professional development opportunities for employees designed to advance understanding, skills, and leadership to achieve equity goals, and a culturally competent (equity-minded) and service-oriented (student-ready) campus community.
  5. Evaluate campus spaces (physical and virtual) using an equity lens and current research to decenter whiteness and create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for historically marginalized students and employees.
  6. Evaluate and continuously improve all college policies and procedures to remove barriers for students, disrupt structural inequalities, and achieve racial equity for students and employees.
  7. Use data and equity frameworks to ensure systemic change.

The Normandale Strategic Framework will be in effect until the end of Fall 2025.

At that time a full assessment of the Framework, its outcomes, and processes will be conducted. In Spring 2026, work on a new strategic plan will begin with an aim to launch the new plan in Fall 2026.

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