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A Normandale student smiles

We are committed to providing a challenging and supportive environment.

Life is full of adversity and things will not always be easy, but we have your back and will provide the resources you need to succeed.

Your success is our top priority, but that expands beyond the support of our faculty and staff. Here are a few ways our students support each other: 

Your success matters to everyone. Ready for your dream to start? Come and meet us.

“My favorite part of working for TRIO is helping students create a plan for the life they want to live. That’s what drives me every day, because someone did that for me: I was in TRIO when I was in community college, and so this is paying it forward, and giving someone else the opportunities that were given to me.”

Aucuria ‘AC’ Harrison (she/her), Student Success Coach with TRIO Student Support Services


PTK Honors Society Chapter


AACC National Faculty Award Winners


TRIO Scholars

“I attest my success to the rigors and support here – they didn’t take it easy on me, but they gave me grace – Normandale taught me how to learn and how to study and what it took to succeed.”

Sean Jordan, Alum
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