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Normandale student leader Val Diaz talks with a student.

We Are Curious About You

Lifelong learning is a concept we take very seriously.

We want you to get good grades and succeed. Even more, we want to develop your curiosity and love of learning.

Normandale instructors share this core value. They are engaging and passionate about what they teach. They’ll light a fire in you and help prepare you for what is next at school and in life.

Normandale provides opportunities for you to lead, explore, collaborate, and learn from a diverse community full of rich experiences. These skills will serve you well throughout your life.

Reena, an instructor, smiles.

“Normandale is a very dynamic place and I work with an outstanding group of professionals. I call them my second family. The first thing I always do is try to put myself in the students’ shoes. You learn to think how others think, and you can teach yourself so much from that.”

Reena Kothari Arslan, Math Instructor


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Student-to-faculty ratio

Jessica smiles at the camera.

“Normandale shaped my whole learning experience. It helped me see through different lenses. I’m a person who has always seen many perspectives, and being in a space where others were also coming from different points of view was great.”

Jessica Martinez, Alum
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