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With an English Degree from Normandale, you’ll study American and British literary works, among others, and you’ll grow your skills as a reader and a writer. From Shakespeare to science, this liberal arts degree gives you a solid educational foundation to build upon.  

When you graduate, you’ll be ready to transfer to one of seven Minnesota State universities where you’ll enter as a junior.  

The English Department offers a range of courses that cover composition, literary studies, and English for non-native speakers.  

Interested in creative writing? We offer an associate’s degree in Creative Writing and a Creative Writing Certificate 

Where Will an English Degree Take You?

When you start your journey in English here — you’ll get an affordable, flexible, and personalized program. You’ll acquire excellent critical thinking skills as you analyze literature and sharpen your writing skills. Plus, you’ll learn how to be an effective communicator, not only as a writer, but as a speaker as well.  

An English degree opens doors to a lot of different career paths. Strong reading and writing skills are transferable to many vocations, and demonstrate your ability to communicate complex ideas well, both through the written word and through public speaking. 

English majors pursue careers in public relations firms, marketing companies, advertising agencies, publishing houses and in education.  

What Makes our English Program Unique?

As a student here, you’ll get personalized attention with small class sizes, and there will be ample time for discussion of literary works and evaluation of your own writing.  

You’ll develop analytical skills necessary to assess and distill meaning, while comparing and contrasting works of literature. As a writer, you will develop critical thinking skills as a foundation for your writing.

Developmental Education Mission

Developmental Education Mission

English for Academic Purposes

English for Academic Purposes

Creative Writing Program

Creative Writing Program

English Program Basics

The English Department includes majors in English and Creative Writing, plus a Creative Writing Certificate 

English Faculty

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