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Associate Vice President of Equity and Inclusion John Parker-Der Boghossian with the E&I Department Team.

Equity and Inclusion

Normandale's Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

At Normandale, we understand that authenticity in Equity and Inclusion starts with being aware of who we are, where we come from, and our own biases and privileges.   

We are committed to the principle that all individuals are to be treated with equality and dignity without discrimination regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, economic, and/or marital status. The college will work diligently to make sure all our dealings with each other are marked by decency, empathy and civility. 

The College resolutely condemns conduct and expressions of bigotry, hatred, prejudice or disrespect. Such behavior will be regarded as a violation of the standards of conduct required of any person associated with this College.  

As a center of teaching and learning, the College prides itself on being a community in which free and open discussion takes place. We expect and foster a culturally responsive exchange of differing values and ideas. 

We do this work through our bold vision to close all equity gaps by 2025.  

Equity 2025 Goals

Our Pledge to Close Equity Gaps

Equity and Inclusion Plan Goals

Normandale Equity Fellows

Welcome to Our First-Ever Equity Fellows

After a competitive application process, President Joyce C. Ester appointed eight Equity Fellows to help Normandale make our ambitious Equity 2025 goals a reality.

SIG group members Corey Crowder and Leah Brink

Strategic Initiatives Group

Normandale is thrilled to welcome two new employees who will play key roles in helping achieve our Equity 2025 vision as members of the newly formed Strategic Initiatives Group.

Sirtify Coordinator Marvis Kilgore


Sirtify's mission is to recruit and support Black, African American, and African men into Education pathways.

Affirmative Action

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Equity by Design

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Equity and Inclusion Department

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