Cost of Attendance

In order for the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to determine your financial need, we must first establish the costs associated with attending Normandale for an academic year. Tuition figures are estimated until approved by the Minnesota State Board.

All budget items shown are for nine months and full-time attendance (12+ credits per term). Students attending less than full-time are eligible for financial aid, however, budget, expected family contribution and maximum awards may be adjusted proportionately for less than full-time attendance.

2021-2022 Budget Items

Direct Costs    Fall   Spring   Annual
Tuition and Fees*  $ 2,694  $ 2,693  $ 5,387
Books and Supplies  $   500  $   500  $ 1,000
Total Direct Costs  $ 3,194  $ 3,193  $ 6,387
Estimated Indirect Costs     Fall    Spring   Annual
Room and Board  $ 4,130  $ 4,130  $ 8,260
Transportation**  $   826  $   826  $ 1,652
Personal/Miscellaneous***  $ 2,677  $ 2,677  $ 5,354
Total Est. Indirect Costs  $ 7,633  $ 7,633  $15,266

*Based on 13 credits (average full-time credits) per term at $207.20 per credit; includes the technology fee, parking fee, activity fee and student association fee.
**Allowance for gas, oil, parking, bus fare and general upkeep of vehicle; does not include car payments, insurance, repairs, etc.
***Includes clothing, laundry/dry-cleaning, personal care, recreation, etc. 

The Room & Board, Transportation and Personal/Miscellaneous figures are based on the College Board's low living expense budget figures (documentation available at the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office).

All students and/or their families are expected to contribute to the cost of their education. These contributions are determined through the needs analysis process.

To calculate your estimated net price to attend Normandale, use our Net Price Calculator.

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