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Learn a language, connect to the world

Want a greater understanding of other cultures and yourself? Register for foreign language classes! They’re challenging and eye-opening. They prepare you for interesting careers and travel. And they improve your communication skills in both your native and studied languages. 

Learning a new language will give you an edge in a variety of careers. Students who speak foreign languages are in fields like government and humanitarian causes, international business, law enforcement, health care, social work, education and hospitality. 

Why choose Normandale to study foreign language classes?

Normandale has been one of the top community colleges for language studies in Minnesota for years. We deliver the most world languages courses each semester and offer a minimum of four semesters in each of the following languages:  Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Somali and Spanish. 

Enjoy a course or two. Earn an associate degree with a language emphasis. Effortlessly proceed to a four-year university to earn a language degree through the Minnesota State Transfer Curriculum. 

Benefits of our World Languages Program include: 

  • Experienced instructors including native speakers 
  • Language-focused travel courses 
  • Cultural courses offered in all six languages 
  • Active language clubs 
  • French and Spanish courses offered beyond the intermediate level 
  • A two-course sequence of Spanish for Educators 

Check out our related international and language programs, too. As you research community colleges for language studies, you’ll discover that Normandale’s world languages program is the most robust. 

Picture of a large city in France


Study French and enjoy learning about their arts, literature, and daily life and culture.

Picture of a large city in Spain


Learn to speak, read and write Spanish and earn a Spanish Pathway Degree.

Picture of a castle in Germany


Study the language of German-speaking peoples and compare their culture to yours.

Picture of a large city in Somalia


Learn Somali to effectively communicate with neighbors, colleagues and clients.

Picture of a large city in Japan


Study Japanese and and find out about their ancient civilization and traditions.

Picture of a large city in China


Learn Mandarin Chinese for careers in international business, translation and interpreting.

Other benefits of learning a new language

In foreign language classes, you will:

  • Develop your brain in new ways as you translate a new language into your native language.
  • Improve your listening skills as you concentrate on people speaking a language you don’t know yet.
  • Expand your empathy for those for whom English is a second language. 

These same skills will make you proficient at navigating new and changing workplaces which often seem like a foreign experience. 

Contact Information

Heidi Kreutzer, Department Chair

World Languages- Spanish

C 2130

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