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Explore our wide range of Spanish language classes

Taking Spanish language classes connects you to a world of some 41 million Spanish speakers in the United States. They’ll prepare you for careers in healthcare, business, government, education, hospitality and more.

Speaking Spanish can enrich your life! Enjoy new kinds of music, movies and art. Communicate with Spanish-speaking neighbors and coworkers. Travel with confidence to some 21 countries where Spanish is the official language.

Our Spanish program is remarkable for its breadth of opportunities. You can choose among beginning, intermediate and advanced-level online Spanish language classes or in-person classes; they are offered in the fall, spring and summer.

Whether you take Spanish language classes to meet a language requirement or to earn the Spanish Transfer Pathway AA degree, you’ll find everything you need in our program.

Is a certificate more in line with your goals? Your best fit might be the 13-credit Spanish Certificate or the International Experience Certificate. Learn more about these below.

What level of Spanish study is right for you?

Details about courses and the AA degree requirement

Certificates for Spanish learners

Contact Information

Heidi Kreutzer, Department Chair

World Languages- Spanish

C 2130

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