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Vacuum technology is critical for manufacturing high tech products like semiconductors, optics, health care technology, architectural glass and more. Thin film technology is a specialized area within this category.  

Your first vacuum technology course will set you on a path to earning an associate degree in thin film and vacuum technology in two years. Classes involve engineering, math, computer technology, chemistry and more. Yes, you can learn them! 

You will develop useful knowledge and skills through hands-on learning in and out of your vacuum technology classes; they were created through partnerships with local companies.  

Imagine this: In two years, you will have an associate degree in vacuum and thin film technology and be ready to work in a good paying job. In Minnesota, the annual median salary for technicians is $41,925. And because Normandale offers the only two-year vacuum and thin film technology program in the nation, you’ll find a job quickly. 

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Everyday Uses of Thin Film Technology

Thin films are an essential part of our daily lives but we just didn’t know it

Vacuum Technology Course student Sothera Sen provides a testimonial on Normandale's thin film and vacuum tech program.

"This has been such a valuable experience – I’ve learned about coding, collecting data, and doing data analysis. A lot of the devices we have in the vacuum tech lab are the devices they use in the industry. There’s a lot of businesses doing vacuum tech not only across Minnesota but across the country."

Sotheara Sen, Vacuum Technology Student

Vacuum Tech Department News and Publications

Vacuum Tech Department News and Publications

Endowments and Grants

Endowments and Grants

Shaping the Future of Vacuum Technology Education

Shaping the Future of Vacuum Technology Education

Vacuum and Thin Film Technology Program Basics

Vacuum Technology Faculty

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