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Shaping the Future of Vacuum Technology Education

This virtual workshop series explored the current state of vacuum technology education for the purpose of developing a framework that will shape the future of vacuum technology education and training initiatives in the U.S.

The workshops involved participants from a cross-section of vacuum-reliant businesses, research and education institutions, professional societies and the public sector. Review the session overviews and recording today!

Session Details

Session 4: Student Perspective

  • Perspective: Student - Question and Answers Panel
  • Demo: Vacuum Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Documents: Session 4 Slide deck

Session 3: Industry and R and D Perspective

  • Demo: Thin Film Deposition
  • Perspective: Industry and R and D - Questions and Answers Panel
  • Discussion: State of Vacuum Technology Education
  • Documents: Session 3 Slide deck


Session 2: Professional Society Perspective


Session 1: Technical Program Perspective


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