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We are the only two-year college in the U.S. that offers a Certificate in Vacuum Technology. Several organizations have recognized how important it is to provide education in this enabling technology through a series of grant awards, matching funds, and an endowment.

The Vacuum and Thin Film Technology Department at Normandale:

  • Received a donation of nearly $600,000 from the estate of Philip and Doris Danielson, who both passed away in 2015

  • Received matching funds from the Minnesota Matching Funds Program

  • Received approximately $2,500,000 from the National Science Foundation since 2014

This work was make possible with grants from the National Science Foundation DUE #1400408 and (DUE # 1700624) from the Advanced Technology Education program.

Current Grant Awards

Flexible Technology Education in Vacuum Technology (Grant Award - $649,938) - DUE # 2202166 

Developing an E-book and Other Interactive Instructional Materials for Vacuum Technology. Grant was awarded to Erie Community College with Normandale Community College as a sub-awardee (Total Award - $300,000) - DUE # 2000454

Past Grant Awards

2017 - 2021: Distance Education and Learning In Vacuum technology for Employment Readiness (DELIVER) (H2) (Grant Award - $1,018,486)

Outcomes: Scaling up the number of business and academic partners who enroll their employees and students. Outcomes Report for DUE # 1700624

2014 - 2018: ReVAMP: Revising Vacuum technology, an Advanced Manufacturing Program (H2) (Grant Award - $793,736)

Outcomes: Update course content and assemble the infrastructure (telepresence classroom; Vacuum Education Training systems) to deliver hands-on vacuum technology education in real time across the country. Outcomes Report for DUE # 1400408

2006 - 2010: Technician Education Materials in Plasma Technology (Grant Award - $649,450) (DUE # 0603175

Summary: This project created new materials, courses, laboratories and faculty professional development workshops in applications of plasma technology in nanomanufacturing. Summary Report DUE 0603175

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