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Do you wonder why people behave the way they do? Do you want to understand yourself and those around you better? Consider earning an associate degree in psychology. 

When you take psychology courses at Normandale, you will explore how emotions, feelings and thoughts affect human behavior. You also will gain critical thinking, problem-solving, writing and research skills. These core competency psychology classes are taught by accomplished faculty, with years of experience as researchers, practitioners and teachers in psychology. 

After you earn an associate degree in psychology, you’ll be well prepared to pursue your bachelor’s in psychology at one of seven Minnesota State universities, entering as a junior. 

What Can You Do with an Associate degree in Psychology?

Many career paths become available to you when you graduate with a psychology degree, including work in counseling, research, social work, nonprofits, clinical psychology and more. The skills you develop are marketable across a range of other professions as well. 

What Psychology Courses are Available?

Most psychology courses are offered online and it is possible to obtain your entire associate’s degree online at Normandale. Your classes here can include fascinating topics such as: 

  • Introduction to human development
  • Psychology in modern life
  • Child and adolescent development 
  • Abnormal psychology 
  • Psychology of death and dying 
  • Statistics for the behavioral sciences 

Normandale: One of the Best Community Colleges for Psychology

Normandale is one of the best community colleges for psychology and offers a broad, liberal arts-focused degree in psychology that seamlessly prepares you for your final two years at a Minnesota State university.

Psychology Degree Benefits

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