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Psychology Student of the Month

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Danika Jennen

I transferred back to Normandale this spring semester after taking a year off from school. I decided to change my major to psychology in hopes of getting a new perspective and fresh start in my educational journey. So far, in my Introduction to Psychology class I have learned so much about how the brain works and how to better understand myself and others. Every day I find myself applying what I have learned to the conversations and interactions I have with people while also improving my own attitude and thinking. Psychology has opened many doors for me that the past me wouldn't have thought were possible.

Going forward I hope I am able to inspire other students that may be struggling in education because no one's journey looks the same. It took me awhile to figure out what I was truly passionate about, but I learned failure and change will get you where you need to be. I am currently working full-time while also pursuing my psychology degree part-time.

I'm still unsure of the specific career path I want but community, counseling and forensic psychology have all piqued my interest, and I am beyond excited to continue learning more. I am very passionate about helping others, especially those who are struggling, and I cannot wait to make a career out of it!

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