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Psychology Student of the Month


Hi My name is Kailan Benford. I grew up in Burnsville Minnesota and I am currently still located here. I have three older brothers (21,25,32) I am a fencing coach and I've been fencing since I have been 7 years old. I grew up in the sport because my Mom was trained in Cuba for the Olympics. So, my whole family pretty much does fencing. My plan one day is to get to the Olympics and fence for the United States team. I am at a spot of where I have no idea what I should do as far as a future job. My plan is to transfer to the U of M and see where my life takes me. Psychology has always been a very interesting topic for me! Psychology has impacted my life in a whole new way. When I wanted to take this class, I heard from family members that this will be a fun and interesting class. I see the world much differently now in how people think and act. Being in college is so much different than high school and there's so many opportunities you can explore and dive into.


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