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When you study math at Normandale, you’ll take foundational calculus courses and general education courses that will put you on a path to pursue your bachelor’s degree in math.   

Our core math courses emphasize calculus, and you’ll also diversify your learning by taking communications and natural science courses as part of our liberal arts program. These courses are much more affordable than what you would find at four-year college or university. 

Here’s the best part: You’ll be well prepared to further your study of math at a Minnesota State university and you’ll enroll as a junior. 

Where Will a Math Degree Take You?

When you study math, you can pursue a wide variety of STEM careers. Math forms the foundation for numerous jobs in a variety of industries and disciplines. Students who study math are in high demand; you’ll develop critical skills to solve real-world problems.  

Julie Guelich Math Center

Julie Guelich Math Center

College Readiness

What is College Readiness in Mathematics?

What Makes our Math Program Unique?

We offer a comprehensive approach to the study of mathematics. Upon graduation, you’ll be ready to continue your study of mathematics as a junior at a 4-year degree program at a Minnesota State university. 

Mathematics Program Basics

Pursue your AA in Math, then continue to study at a 4-year university   

Mathematics Faculty

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