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Family Studies

This certificate in family studies is great for students looking for insight into the building blocks of family relationships and how they function within cultures and society.   

In these family studies courses, you’ll learn how families can build on their strengths to be sustainable and self-sufficient. Plus, you’ll explore how healthy family functioning can help prevent problems before they occur.  Most of our family studies courses are offered online. 

What Can you do with a Family Studies Degree?

Our family studies courses are a great complement to majors at four-year colleges and careers in elementary education, home economics, human resources, psychology, public safety, urban planning and more. Our 18-credit certificate program includes classes like 

  • Family communication
  • Love, sex and family
  • Child and adolescent development
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender U.S. history

What else can you do with a family studies degree? Choose a career in marriage and family therapy, secondary education, caregiving, ministry, family practice in law, nursing, social work or public policy. 

You may want to apply for the Sociology and Women’s Studies scholarship. Read more about that below. 

Family Studies Program Basics

Sociology Faculty

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