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Women's Studies

Gender, race and sexuality shape how we think and talk about what makes us similar and different, laws and politics, race and class, justice and opportunity, and more.  

When you study women’s studies at Normandale, you’ll start with entry and intermediate level women’s studies courses, and you’ll build a solid foundation of critical-thinking, problem-solving, writing, and research skills.  

You’ll be well prepared for your next step in your education and in your career — ready to pursue your bachelor’s in women’s studies or a similar field at one of seven Minnesota State colleges. 

What Can you do with a Degree in Women's Studies?

With a women’s studies degree, you’ll have a lot of options for your career path. People who understand gender and sexuality issues are in demand in professions like law, social work, teaching, social services, healthcare, education, counseling, business and research.    

When you take women’s studies courses at Normandale, you’ll also gain marketable skills in important areas like problem-solving, critical thinking, written and interpersonal communication.

What Women's Studies Courses Can I Take?

Women's studies courses are online and taught by accomplished faculty with diverse academic interests and specialty areas. Classes include topics like:

  • Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies 
  • Women across cultures 
  • Sex and human diversity 
  • Sociology of sex and gender roles 
  • Gender and literature

Coursework in this area is supportive of bachelor’s degree programs in women's studies as well as the related fields of human services, education, American studies and other social sciences and humanities. 

Women’s Studies Program Basics

Anthropology Faculty

Sociology Faculty

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