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Political Science

Each semester, the Political Science Department at  Normandale offers many sections of the course "Introduction to U.S. Politics". The course serves graduation requirements for students in PSEO, AA, BA, and BS programs, and the course transfers easily to four-year colleges and universities.

In addition, we serve the broad educational and campus mission of seeking to prepare students for the common tasks of citizenship. A healthy democracy requires an involved citizenry that understands the fundamentals of the American political system and is familiar with the institutions and processes of government, political parties, elections, interest groups, civil liberties, civil rights, and related topics.

The Political Science Department also introduces interested students to some sub-fields of political science such as comparative politics, world politics, and Constitutional law.

Political Science courses are useful for students interested in majors or careers in Political Science, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Public Administration, Pre-law, Journalism, Business, International Business, Teaching, and more. Also, studies show that employers look favorably upon applicants with coursework or degrees in Political Science.

Where Will a Political Science Degree Take You?

With a political science degree, you’ll be able to pursue various careers. You’ll develop critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills which are great foundations for many occupations. Many students find their fit in business, law, government and more.  

What Makes our Political Science Program Unique?

Along with a solid foundation in liberal arts, you’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on experience and gain an international perspective at Normandale.  Also, we have a Model United Nations course which allows students an intensive research experience.

Political Science Program Basics

Political Science Faculty

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