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Hotel Operations Management

Are you interested in the hospitality industry? Perhaps you would like to manage a hotel or similar accommodations. If so, then hotel operations careers could be a great fit.   

This Hotel Operations Management Certificate is great for students looking to gain knowledge in the hospitality and tourism industry, obtain leadership skills towards a promotion or change careers. Also, this certificate may be completed by students working toward an associate degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. 

What are Typical Hotel Operations Management Careers?

The Hotel Operations Management Certificate will help you gain the skills needed to ensure that an establishment is run efficiently and profitably. You’ll also learn how to create a pleasant atmosphere and quality experience at a hotel or other types of establishments with accommodations.  

Typical hotel operations careers include:

  • General managers  
  • Revenue managers  
  • Front-office managers  
  • Convention service managers 

What Courses Will You Take for your Hotel Operations Management Certificate?

You will gain considerable understanding about both hospitality and hotel management in your classes which include: 

  • Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Hotel/lodging Management Operations
  • Food/beverage Management and Cost Control

Certificate Options Related to Hospitality and Hotel Management

There are many certificate opportunities at Normandale related to hospitality and hotel management. Review them and see which one best fits your career goals.  

Hotel Operations Management Certificate Program Basics

Hospitality Management Faculty

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