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When you study history at Normandale, you’ll learn about the past so you can help create a better future. Understanding the past will help you enhance your capacity to be an informed citizen and help you think more critically.  

Take your survey history classes here, then you’ll be ready to transfer to a 4-year program at a Minnesota State university. 

Where Will a History Degree Take You?

A history degree will help prepare you for a career where you can evaluate the credibility of information and analyze a variety of data. You will hone your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as your communication skills. 

Studying history helps prepare you for a variety of career paths, including business, government, law, non-profit work, and teaching.

What Makes our History Program Unique?

You’ll gain both a broad understanding of the past in U.S. and world history, and an appreciation for diverse historical perspectives.  

Did you know? Normandale is one of a select group of community colleges in the country that offers digital humanities training in our survey courses. 

History Program Basics

Pursue your AA in history, then seamlessly transfer to a Minnesota State university. 

History Faculty

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