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A Solid Foundation in Chemistry

With a chemistry degree from Normandale, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of scientific principles that form the foundation for many STEM majors. You’ll sharpen your critical thinking and problem-solving skills — and you’ll cover core math courses.  Courses emphasize chemistry and calculus, but you’ll also be taking communications and natural science courses. 

Here’s the best part: You’ll be well prepared to further your study of chemistry, math, or biology at a Minnesota State college and you’ll enroll as a junior. 

"It’s really great to have such direct relationships with the instructors. A lot of my friends who went directly to universities said that professors were pretty absent from their classes and they were mostly taught by T.A.s. I felt like at Normandale, because I had such great relationships with my instructors, I could start networking right away.”

Camille Kotschevar, Class of ‘21 , Normandale chemistry student

Where Will a Chemistry Degree Take You?

When you study chemistry, you can pursue a wide variety of STEM careers. Chemistry and math form the foundation for numerous jobs in a variety of industries and disciplines. Students who study chemistry and math are in high demand; you’ll develop critical skills to solve real-world problems.

What Makes our Chemistry Program Unique?

We offer a comprehensive, math-intensive, problem-solving approach to the study of chemistry. Upon graduation, you’ll be ready to enter the highly competitive world of chemistry, engineering, biology, and math as a junior at a 4-year degree program at a Minnesota State college. 

Our faculty are top notch, too. Their experience covers a wide range of topics including chemistry, biology, math, physics, and engineering.  

Lab Kit Information

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Chemistry Program Basics

Pursue your AS in chemistry, then continue to study at a 4-year college or university

Chemistry Faculty

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