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Earn an Associate Degree in Chemistry

It may surprise you to learn that chemistry is a great foundational course for many things that interest you, whether that’s climate change, nutrition, the human body, space travel or even ancient pyramids.

In chemistry classes, you learn about matter and how the world is put together. Also, you develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are helpful in all kinds of careers.

The chemistry faculty and staff set you up for success in several ways:

  • The typical course only has 16-24 students in the lab and no more than 48 in lectures.
  • The faculty will give you one on one guidance if you get stuck.
  • You can visit the chemistry help center for extra support.
  • You can choose among a variety of online, hybrid and in-person classes offered day or evening.
Most chemistry classes involve both lectures and lab work.

Why Should you take Chemistry Classes at Normandale?

Besides all the ways the faculty will help you succeed, students who want to pursue science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) careers can graduate with an associate degree in chemistry at Normandale and then transfer and start as a junior at any Minnesota State college. 

At Normandale, you’ll save money, learn in smaller chemistry classes, and enjoy teachers who focus on teaching.  

Interested in Chemistry Related Careers?

Areas of chemistry you can choose to specialize in include analytical chemistry, biological chemistry, chemical engineering, inorganic or organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. 

Check out this list of chemistry related careers on the American Chemical Society website. With an Associate of Science degree in chemistry at Normandale you can start as a junior at any Minnesota State college. 

Betsy Longley, Chemistry Instructor at Normandale Community College.

“I don’t even know how to say all the things I love about this place. Everyone is here with and for our students, and students bring the world here and share pieces of that with us. They're amazing. I want students to believe in themselves. The fact that you got here means you can do it.”

Betsy Longley, Chemistry Instructor, Normandale Community College chemistry instructor
Person working in a lab

Academy of Math and Science

Pursuing a STEM-related degree? Take advantage of the scholarship, peer support, and professional advisers available through this on-campus Academy.

Normandale Scholarship recipients at an event

Normandale Student Scholarships

Each year, the Normandale Foundation awards hundreds of scholarships that help students pay for their tuition and fees. Here you can access the Scholarship Portal and see additional external scholarship and aid opportunities.

Chemistry Program Basics

Pursue your AS in chemistry, then continue to study at a four-year college or university.

Lab Kit Information for Online Students

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Chemistry Faculty and Staff

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