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Is Normandale Community College a two-year college?
Normandale Community College is a two-year college serving primarily the communities of the southwestern metropolitan region of the Twin Cities.

Is Normandale Community College public or private?
Normandale is a public community college.

Is Normandale Community College part of the Minnesota State system?
Normandale is a part of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, the second largest system of two-year colleges and four-year universities in the nation, encompassing 26 colleges, 7 universities, and 54 campuses, serving nearly 300,000 students.

What is Normandale Community College’s mission?
Normandale's mission is:

• to cultivate a welcoming college community
• to foster every student's talents
• to build an equitable world

What is Normandale Community College’s vision?
Limitless human potential realized.

What are Normandale Community College’s Core Values?
Normandale has 3 core values:

Caring: We cultivate a college community where people feel a sense of belonging and connectedness. We recognize that people learn and work better when their needs are met and they feel safe. We have the courage to communicate with compassionate candor. We are a community of kindness and respect.
Curiosity: We nurture curious minds in our students and in our employees. We are genuinely curious about one another. Curiosity fuels our pursuit of learning and inspires us to find better ways of doing things. It drives us to ask good questions and to seek information to answer them. We are a community of curious people.
Commitment: We work hard to achieve our mission and goals. We dedicate ourselves to meeting all our students where they are and helping them pursue their aspirations. We are conscientious stewards of the college's resources. We are a community that expects a lot of ourselves and takes pride and joy in our work.

Is Normandale Community College a large school?
Normandale is the largest community college and second largest undergraduate institution overall in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.  

Are there any sports teams at Normandale Community College?
There are no college sports teams.

Does Normandale Community College have any grad students?
No, only undergraduate college students, high school students seeking college credits and adults pursuing continuing education attend Normandale.

Is it easy to transfer from Normandale Community College?
Normandale Community College makes transferring easy with our Transfer Pathway degrees. Through Transfer Pathways, students are able to select from 22 fields of study that prepare them to complete related bachelor’s degrees at any Minnesota State university offering a degree in that field.

What academic calendar does Normandale Community College use?
Normandale is on the semester system. See our Academic Calendar link.

How many students does Normandale Community College have?
Almost 14,000 students in our for-credit courses.

Does Normandale Community College have dorms?
No on-campus living arrangements are offered.

Where is Normandale Community College?
9700 France Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55431

When was Normandale Community College founded?

What is the student-to-faculty ratio at Normandale Community College?
As of fall 2022, we had 296 faculty members and a student-to-faculty ratio of 27:1.

Costs and Financial Aid:

Is Normandale Community College free?
No, students pay tuition to attend Normandale. Additional fees, such as books, may need to be funded as well.

How much does Normandale Community College cost?
In 2021-22 our tuition and fees for a year of study were $5,789, compared to $15,254 at University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and an average of $37,775 for private not-for-profit institutions within the state. (Health Sciences courses have higher tuition and fees for a year of study.)

Does Normandale Community College offer financial aid, grants and scholarships?
Yes, Normandale offers many kinds of financial aid to students, depending on their circumstances.

Does Normandale Community College have in-state tuition?
No, the cost is the same for in-state and out-of-state students. Health Science courses are charged at a different rate.


What is Normandale Community College’s acceptance rate?
100%. Normandale Community College has an open admission policy which permits enrollment by any high school graduate or GED holding student. Those high school students pursuing Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) or Concurrent enrollment classes may be admitted as well.

Is there a fee to apply to Normandale Community College?
No, applying to Normandale is free.

Does Normandale Community College accept Advanced Placement (AP) credits?
Students can submit official AP transcripts with exam scores of 3 or higher for course placement review and transfer credit.


Does Normandale Community College have a study abroad program?
Yes, Normandale has a robust Travel and Learn program. There are opportunities to take short-term travel and semester study abroad courses.

Does Normandale Community College offer classes that are non-degree seeking?
Normandale offers credit, non-credit and continuing education courses to the community for professional growth and personal enrichment.

Does Normandale Community College offer programs to high-schoolers?
Normandale offers high school students the opportunity to earn college credits through two types of programs:

Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) in which high school students take courses at Normandale.
Concurrent Enrollment in which high school students take courses at their high school from high school teachers who are supported by a Normandale faculty member or with Normandale faculty at their high school.


What is a passing grade at Normandale Community College?
A minimum grade of C or a 2.0 average is a passing grade.

What is the grading scale at Normandale Community College?
Your GPA may range from 0.0 to 4.0. The GPA calculator allows you to enter the credits and grades for classes to determine your projected GPA. Note that Normandale does not use plus (+) or minus (–) grades.


Page last updated: September 2023

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