Book a TRIO Coach Appointment (Current TRIO SSS Students Only)
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             TRIO SSS Peer Mentors (No Appointment Needed)
                    Sydney Schaust                                           Marisol Ortiz

                  Monday- Thursday                                      Monday- Thursday 
                     11 am - 2 pm                                              8 am - 11 am  
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TRIO SSS Tree and hand fabric mural

  • TRIO programs are federally funded through the U.S. Department of Education and TRIO is part of a strong national network of 2,800 TRIO programs that provide comprehensive academic support, integrated learning courses, learning communities, academic English enhancement and leadership development for low to moderate income, first generation college students and students with disabilities.
  • TRIO/Student Support Services Program helps students focus on academic and personal development to build strong foundations to stay in college, transfer and/or graduate. Space is limited to 144 scholars per year.
  • Each scholar in the program must have a commitment to their college success.