Online Reservations

In this 60 minute webinar you and small group of your peers will meet with an academic advisor to learn more about how to register and what classes you should take in your first semester at Normandale.

Select the link below to register for the registration webinar that best fits you. 

If you are a PSEO or Military Connected Student, use the following links:

PSEO Student

Military Connected & Veteran Student 

If you are not a PSEO or Military Connected Student, select your major from the list below:

Arts, Communication & Humanities Major (Majors: Art, Communication, Creative Writing, English, History, Music, Theater, World Languages)

Business Major (Majors: Accounting, Business, Computer Information Management, Economics, Hospitality Management, Marketing)

Healthcare & Wellness Major (Majors: Community Health Navigator, Dental Hygiene, Dietetic Technology, Exercise Science, Health Science Broadfield, Nursing, Nutrition, Public Health)

Social & Behavioral Sciences Major (Majors: Anthropology/Archeology, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Women's Studies)

Teaching & Education Major (Major: Elementary Education, Special Education, Other Teaching Professions)

STEM Major (Majors: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Computer Technology, Data Analytics, Engineering, Food Science, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Pre-Medicine, Vacuum & Thin Film Technology)

Undecided and Liberal Arts (For students who are exploring majors, focusing on liberal arts or the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum)