SAP Warning

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Why you were placed on warning:

You were placed on warning because you are not meeting the minimum GPA or you haven't completed enough credits successfully, one or both.

The standard states that you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (C average) or higher and a cumulative credit completion rate of 66.66% or higher.


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Credit Completion Example:

If you registered for 10 credits at the beginning of the semester, but then withdrew from a 4 credit course, this would not meet the minimum of 66.66%.

It would be 60% or 6 credits out of 10 registered.

The following grades are not considered complete - F, FW, NW, FN, NA, NC, I and W

If you are not meeting one of these items or both of these items, you will be placed on warning.

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How long will I stay in a warning status?

You will remain on warning for 1 term following the term you didn't meet the above requirements.

At the end of your warning term, you must meet the cumulative GPA and cumulative completion rate or you will be placed on Academic and Financial Aid Suspension.

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Getting Help

Many students have successfully moved out of the warning process. Our student success stories show that working with Normandale's resources will help your academic growth and success. We believe you can do this, and we are here to help you succeed

Here are some additional resources at Normandale you should consider for help in bringing your grades and credit completions up:

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Warning is alterting you that you are in danger of being suspended. During your warning term, you can still register for classes and receive financial aid.

Keep in mind if your GPA was cited as low in your warning, this may mean you must get B's or higher to avoid suspension. The same with credit completion: you may have to successfully complete 100% of your registered credits to keep from being suspended at the end of the next semester.

Remember, if you don't bring up your grades or credit completion rate the term following your warning, you will be suspended and not be able to register for classes or receive financial aid.

We recommend you use the GPA calcuator to esimate your GPA and completion rate during your warning term.

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