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Note: Registration through eServices is for college courses only. Click here for information about enrolling in hour-based Continuing Education and Customized Training coursework.

Please make sure to read all of the information listed below before going to e-Services. 

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Fall 2022 Classes Begin the Week of August 22

Meet with an advisor or counselor now to select your classes!

Important Dates

  • The last day to add a class is Friday, August 26
  • The last day to drop a class and get a refund is Friday, August 26
  • For classes that start Friday, August 26 or later, students can add/drop and get a refund one business day that follows the class begin date.

Visit the Academic Calendar for other important dates and deadlines.

Attendance is Important!

  • It is very important that you participate in your class (or attend in person) from the beginning of the semester. If you fail to show up the first week, your instructor may report that you never attended. This will assign a grade of NA (never attended) to the class and remove you from D2L access, but you will remain registered and responsible for tuition and fees.

Tuition Payment

Click here for information about payment arrangements and other payment deadlines.


If we do not already have the necessary proof, you may be required to provide documentation that you have met a course's prerequisite requirements before you can register by using the Prerequisite Verification Form.

Instructor Permission

Some situations require instructor permission, including:

  • Courses that require special permission (e.g. music lessons)
  • Adding a course after the add deadline
  • Being reinstated to classes after the instructor has reported your non-attendance (NA or NW)
  • Overriding prerequisites, in special circumstances only (not available for EAP, ENGC, READ, MATH)
  • Changing a course's grade method after the course withdrawal deadline (e.g. moving from A-F to Pass/No Credit for courses numbered below 1000)

Request permission by emailing the instructor from your Normandale email account. Include your name, Tech ID number, and the course ID, class and section number of the desired class. If your request is approved, the instructor will initiate an online process by submitting an Instructor Permission eForm. Be sure to watch your Normandale email account, as you will need to give consent before the request can be processed.

Check your my.normandale.edu email account frequently!

My.normandale.edu email is our primary means of communicating with you, and you are responsible for the information sent to you.  

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