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Keeping your name and address current ensures that all relevant communications reach you in a timely manner.

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Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Email Address Changes

Make changes to your personal information here. Note that updating your address in this manner updates your permanent address.

You may also change your address in eServices. Please be sure to update your permanent address.

The information you submit will be updated campus-wide as well as at other Minnesota State institutions where you have records.

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Students may declare any major offered at Normandale by submitting the Change of Major eForm to the Records Office. The Nursing, Dental Hygiene, and Dietetic Technology programs require special admission. These majors will be reflected on your record upon program acceptance.

It is important that students keep their major current on their Normandale record at all times.

The major that the student indicates on the Normandale application shall remain the student's major until the student graduates or changes it.

A student's chosen major will determine the courses for which a student can receive VA benefits and may also impact a student's financial aid eligibility. 

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Name Changes

For a legal name change, submit a Change of Information Form to the Records Office with legal documentation that reflects both your previous and new names.

Examples of legal documentation include a marriage certificate, divorce decree, court authorization, or updated Social Security card. The Records Office will also accept copies of your new and old driver's licenses if accompanied by the DMV paperwork that documents the name change.

Changing your name at the Records Office will change it campus-wide as well as at other Minnesota State institutions. If you change your name during the semester, communicate the change with your instructors to assure you are properly graded at the end of the term.

Click here for information about changing your preferred name.

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Social Security Number

Students who plan to seek financial aid or veterans' benefits and those who plan to deduct their educational expenses from their federal taxes must furnish their Social Security number to the College. This information is elective for other students. Submitting your Social Security number assists you when you need to access your academic record in the future or when you request an enrollment or degree verification for a loan deferment, insurance eligibility, employment eligibility, or other reason.

The Records Office requires a copy of your Social Security card if you wish to add your Social Security number to your Normandale record.

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