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Art Instructor Jeffrey Stenbom’s Fine Arts Gallery Exhibit The Things We Carry runs through December 27

The Normandale Fine Arts Gallery hosted an exhibition to open Art Instructor and military veteran Jeffrey Stenbom’s The Things We Carry exhibit on November 15. The exhibit runs until Wednesday, December 27.

Stenbom recreated new iconographies imbued with the soul and inescapable memories from his time in the Iraq War. Creating powerful visual statements woven and sculpted from used and donate military uniform, his work evokes the spirit and respect for countless American veterans across a broad spectrum of history.

“I always talk to my students about using art to communicate, and how to be effective at doing that,” said Stenbom. “It is an ongoing process that I think we all try to do, and I try to push my students to think that way. All of my work has to do with helping myself get better and expressing my experiences through art, but it also has to do with bringing veterans issues to the forefront because they are often forgotten about and pushed aside. I want to bridge gap between those that serve and those that don’t serve. It is less than 10% of the population that is currently serving or has served in the military, and that is a small part of the population helps give us our freedoms that we often take that for granted.”

You can click on the Freedoms Threads video on the Normandale Gallery YouTube area to find out more about one of Stenbom’s pieces that make up his exhibit.

To find out more about future art exhibits and receptions click on Normandale’s Fine Arts Gallery webpage
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