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Theatre Department performance of Human Error runs from November 30-December 2

The 2023-24 theatre season continues with Human Error running from November 30-December 2 in the Premanand Fine Arts Theatre.

Human Error will open on Thursday, November 30 at 7:30 p.m. There will also be performances on Friday, December 1 at 7:30 p.m. and on Saturday, December 2 at 2 and 7:30 p.m. The ASL Interpreted Performance will take place on December 1.

The following is a description of Human Error. Madelyn and Keenan are NPR-listening, latte-sipping blue-staters who are planning a family. Or they were, anyway, until the fertility clinic accidentally implanted their fertilized embryo in another uterus — a uterus belonging to a small-government, churchgoing, NRA cardholder. Can these ideologically hostile couples make it through 9 months of gestation together?

Adult admission is $10, while senior/staff/student tickets will be $5. Tickets can be reserved online. Season tickets are available for a discount. Please call 952-358-8884 to make reservations or email at

During the spring semester, Normandale's Theatre Department will present The Book of Will in repertory with The Revolutionists. The dates for those shows are April 4-6 & 11-13.

The following are descriptions of the two performances that will take place during the 2024 Spring Semester:

The View From Here: Misery loves company! Fern an agoraphobic woman in her late thirties, is waiting on a sign from above, telling her she can embrace the outside world. Along with a dysfunctional group of oddball friends and family, Fern's fears are put to the test and hilarity ensues. The View From Here sheds an insightful light on the idea of individuality and how we can help "cure" each other's insecurities through love and support.

The Book of Will: Without William Shakespeare, we wouldn’t have literary masterpieces like Romeo and Juliet. But without Henry Condell and John Heminges, we would have lost half of Shakespeare’s plays forever! After the death of their friend and mentor, the two actors are determined to compile the First Folio and preserve the words that shaped their lives. They’ll just have to borrow, beg, and band together to get it done. Amidst the noise and color of Elizabethan London, The Book of Will finds an unforgettable true story of love, loss, and laughter, and sheds new light on a man you may think you know.

The Revolutionists: Four women lose their heads in this irreverent comedy set during the French Revolution. Playwright Olympe de Gouges, assassin Charlotte Corday, former queen (and fan of ribbons) Marie Antoinette, and Haitian rebel Marianne Angelle hang out, murder Marat, and try to beat back the extremism of 1793 Paris. This grand and dream-tweaked comedy is about violence and legacy, art and activism, feminism and terrorism, compatriots and chosen sisters, and how we actually go about changing the world.

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