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The primary goal of librarians is to help students find and evaluate information. Whether you are working on a paper, a project, or a personal interest, librarians can direct you to the best information tools for your research need.

Ways to Contact a Librarian



Submit a question, and a librarian will get back to you as soon as possible. On weekdays during a regular academic semester, you will receive a reply within one day; on weekends, college breaks, and holidays, you will receive a reply on the next class day.

The Library's email reference service is not intended to be an in-depth research service. For complex research questions, please visit the Reference Desk in person.

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Call (952) 358-8290 to talk with a reference librarian during most library hours.

Contact in person

In Person

During the COVID-19 outbreak, librarians cannot offer research help in person, but librarians are available as normal through email, phone, and chat, and are additionally available for scheduled appointments through Zoom video calls.

If you have a detailed, complex question, you may find it beneficial to schedule an individual appointment with a librarian. During the COVID-19 outbreak, individual appointments happen virtually either by phone or through Zoom video calls. To request an individual appointment, email a librarian (see below).

Chat Service

Chat Service

The library is a member of AskMN, a live, online chat service for research help available 24 hours a day. Your question may be directed to a librarian from another college when Normandale librarians are unavailable.

Request an Appointment

Research assistance is available on a walk-in basis at the Reference Desk during most library hours. However, if you are working on a detailed and complex research assignment, you may find it beneficial to set up an appointment to meet one-on-one with a librarian to discuss your question or project. Contact any of the librarians to make an appointment.


David Vrieze Daniels (952) 358-9036
Luke Mosher (952) 358-9345
Lacey Mamak (952) 358-8310
Libby Merrill (952) 358-8816
Adam Kauwenberg-Marsnik (952) 358-8297
Rosalie Bunge (952) 358-8296

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