Physics & Engineering Department

Always in Motion

Physics is a way of looking at the universe around us, from the smallest subatomic particles to the largest galaxies. Physics as a science is very old and yet very new. One of the joys of being a physicist or astronomer is the constant excitement of new discoveries.

Principles of physics are seen at work in many common aspects of our modern life including energy production, airplanes, medical imaging, computers, and architecture. Studying physics will help you develop skills to solve real-world problems and to appreciate how the universe works.

Physics at Normandale Community College

Normandale's Department of Physics serves a wide variety of students including future elementary school teachers, radiation technologists, health care professionals, scientists, and engineers as well as students who need a science distribution course. Our physics and engineering courses are carefully coordinated with the Mathematics curriculum. Many of our students transfer to four-year institutions to complete their education. We are the largest single source of transfer students to the engineering programs at the University of Minnesota.

Our faculty have a wide range of experience in physics, astronomy, science education, and engineering. Many faculty members teach both physics and engineering courses. Some of our faculty engage in research and present at professional meetings.