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Mathematics, the key to your future

Whatever career path you are planning to take, mathematics will help you to achieve your goals. From the dosage courses for future nurses to the calculus courses for those students needing a more in-depth math base, the Normandale Math Department had courses to help prepare every student. We advise students to begin their study in math early and to continue studying math so that all career options are available.

Interested in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)

The math department will enable you to leave Normandale with a solid math foundation that can be transferred to an 4-year institution. We have courses covering the first two years of calculus, probability and statistics, and the foundations and structures of mathematics and more.

Planning to be an educator

Working with Normandale Education Training Academy (EdTrAc), the math department provides the courses needed for those getting their AA degree in Elementary Education or Special Education at Normandale in collaboration with Mankato State University

Math for All Students

To fulfill the Minnesota State distribution requirements, every student needs to complete a college-level math course. For students that need to take a more basic mathematics course to help them prepare to take a college-level course, the Normandale Math Department offers a full selection of developmental math courses. Normandale is a leader in redesigning the developmental math sequence.