Internationalization at Normandale Community College

As the late Kofi Annan observed, "All of us live simultaneously in our own communities and the world at large." As technology and global migrations connect people around the world, we must become globally and culturally competent to navigate all aspects of a global society. More than ever, this means understanding ourselves and our communities as well as the world at large. Community colleges, which educate more individuals than any other type of higher education institution, can and should play a critical role in helping students become "global ready." Since 2016, the Normandale Community College World Languages and Cultures Department has been a national leader in creating a campus-wide internationalization model for community colleges. This includes developing models for high-impact short-term study abroad programs and strengthening local-global connections by framing the development of foreign language and international studies to reflect issues of local relevance. (Source)

For more information, please contact the Internationalization Coordinator, Jennifer Bouchard.

What is internationalization?

Campus internationalization is the ongoing process of collaborating across departments and programs to prepare all of our students to be global-ready and to thrive in our diverse, international communities in the Twin Cities and beyond. This includes incorporating international content in courses and co-curricular activities, providing pathways to study abroad/study away, developing intercultural competence, and fostering global partnerships.

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What does it mean to be global-ready?

Global-ready Normandale faculty, staff, and students demonstrate intercultural competence and a commitment to collaboratively solving local and global problems. Intercultural competence includes:

  • an awareness of one's own cultural self
  • an understanding of how culture shapes worldviews
  • the knowledge that values are not universal and cultures are not static
  • an understanding of how power functions locally and globally
  • the ability to communicate effectively (verbally and non-verbally) with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

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Normandale Internationalization Mission Statement

Normandale is an international community. We strive to incorporate the diverse viewpoints and knowledge of our faculty, staff, students, and global partners into our curricular content, co-curricular activities, and study abroad/away opportunities. Our goal is to provide opportunities for our students to develop the skills and perspectives they need to work with people from different cultural backgrounds to innovate and solve local and global problems.

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The International Experience Center

The International Experience Center, located in C2074, is the on-campus hub for our internationalization work. In this space we host internationalization team meetings, teleconference sessions with our international partners, study abroad/away information sessions, and cultural presentations. Come visit us on campus and follow us on social media. 

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The International Experience Certificate

The International Experience Certificate is a 14-credit certificate that can be completed on it's own or paired with any other certificate or degree program to communicate to future employers that you are ready to work in a diverse, global environment.

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Study Away/Study Abroad with a World Languages and Cultures Focus

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The International Experience Center develops study abroad (international) and study away (domestic) courses in collaboration with faculty members in a range of disciplines. Each one of these courses includes a focus on intercultural competence development and world language proficiency.

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The Normandale Diaspora Project

Diaspora Project

The goal of the Normandale Diaspora Project is to center the voices of members of diaspora communities on our campus and provide resources for opening up conversations about diaspora (and related topics) in classes and spaces throughout Normandale Community College.

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